Talquin Environmental Services

Company Description

Talquin Environmental Services is a Florida based corporation Founded in 1982 by Fred Strauss .  The Strauss family is currently a 6th generation Florida native family.

We are based in Midway Florida less than 10 miles from the steps of the capital in Tallahassee. Our location at the intersection of Highway 90 and Interstate I-10 allows for unparalleled customer service throughout Florida.

We take great pride in our second to none response time as our phones are answered 24/7- 365 days a year by an on call Talquin Environmental employee and never by a messaging service or automated system.

We also take great pride in our second to none steam pressure washing service as well as spill trays that keep landlords and leasing agents happy.

Our services include

  • Used cooking oil removal
  • Drain line jetting and maintenance
  • Grease trap pumping, repairs and new installations.

We are the only North Florida company that provides all of these services with one call.  We would appreciate the opportunity to have one of our customer service representatives come by for a brief visit to go over our services and share testimonials from several of our FRLA family.

Dan Strauss
Vice President Talquin Environmental

Grease removal
The last thing you think about until it’s the first thing you need



  • Maintenance

Janitorial Supplies / Services

  • Cooking Oil Recycling
  • Sewer Service
  • Used Cooking Oil Removal
  • Waste Grease Collection