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315 North Bumby Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803
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Phone Number (800) 782-7222
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For more than 86 years, we’ve been South Florida’s “hometown dairy.” And we want you to enjoy milk that’s as fresh and nutritious as it can be. So when scientific research showed that light could damage milk, we were concerned.

Studies at the Silliker Laboratories in Illinois, the University of Michigan and other leading labs and universities concluded that both sunlight and the fluorescent lighting in stores could decrease the freshness and flavor of milk and the potency of vital vitamins in it. But this research also showed that the majority of natural and artificial light could be blocked by containers that were opaque instead of clear.

So now we provide McArthur milk in this unique white opaque packaging in both gallon and half-gallon sizes. Our milk gets to your table even fresher, more flavorful and more nutritious than ever before. That’s good news for you and your family. And it’s additional reassurance of our commitment to quality.

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