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CGC Water Treatment is known for providing solutions for hotels, motels and restaurants of all sizes. Now celebrating our 75 years in business, you can trust that we will continue to work hard to serve the needs of the business community and residents in the area. CGC Water Treatment will analyze your business’s water for free and provide you with a diagnostic report explaining how we can improve your water, reduce business expenses and improve efficiency. We design custom systems that will address your water and your needs.

Hard mineral content is a frustrating problem in Florida and can best be resolved through the use of a commercial water softener. Water “softening” is a process during which excess minerals and distasteful materials are removed from tap water. Kinetico offers customized, specialized water softeners for every variety of business, providing you with the access to the water your customers deserve.

CGC Water offers commercial water filtration systems for Florida businesses. The commercial filtration systems will include special filters that are designed to eliminate tastes and odors from sulfur, chlorine, and chloramines. Our filter selection is large. We have all types of filters available, including twin tank filters, multimedia filters, non-backwashing filters, and continuous filters. There are both electric and non-electric filters available. Commercial filters will provide the cleanest water available.

CGC Water also offers purifying systems using reverse osmosis and other advanced technology to help purify the water. The CGC Water designers can recommend a pre-packaged system or design a customized package for your facility. They can suggest the best solution for you and help you save money and bring clean and clear drinking water to your business. Provide your chefs and customers with the freshest, best-tasting water around.


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