RDS of Florida

Company Description

Retail Data Systems (RDS) is the largest provider of Point of Sale Hardware and Software in North America. Founded in 1950, RDS now operates over 25 offices serving customers across the nation, providing complete Point Of Sale (POS) technology. Our dedicated team of professionals provides our customers the best 24/7/365 service available.

RDS is the premier provider of POS Systems for all restaurant types, including Quick Service, Fast Casual, and more. RDS sells, services and supports a complete line of POS and related products, including everything you need to run your business. Our Payment Division also provides competitive credit card processing rates for our customers. Unique to RDS is the ability to provide our customers a one-call support solution for all of their store technology needs.

RDS now features several true cloud POS solutions, including Brink and Tabit. No back office server is required; your data is safe, secure, and accessible in the cloud. Features include: Online ordering, mobile payments, loyalty programs, guest surveys, effective menu management, and reporting across multiple units, and much more.

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Financial Services

  • Cash Registers and Control Systems
  • Credit Card Services
  • POS Equipment / Systems


  • Restaurant Automation Systems

Technology Services

  • Back Office Software
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computerized Food Service Systems
  • Computerized Restaurant Management Systems
  • Data Communications
  • Maintenance Software
  • Online Ordering System
  • Sales & Catering Software
  • Software Sales